What we can do for you

Below are some of the services we perform for our clients:

Accounts Payable

Vendor Bill Entry, Payment Processing, Vendor Management, 1099 Forms


Time Tracking Setup & Management, On/Off Cycle Processing, Employee Records, Vacation/Sick Accruals

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing, Statements, Item Lists, Deposit Entry, Customer Management

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Asset Management, Depreciation, Loan Amortizations, Equity Allocations, Inter-Company Maintenance


Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations, Inventory Oversight, Revenue Recognition, WIP Schedules, PO/Deposit Reconciliations

Financial Reporting

Job Costing, Management Reports, Benchmarking Metric Review, Cash Flow Forecasting


Monthly services starting at $400/month. Reduced quarterly rates available for small startups and nonprofits - ask us for a quote!

Each of our packages are based on the individual client. We take several things into account within each quote:

  1. Your current P&L or annual revenue amount (because that's a good indicator of general transaction volume)
  2. Your current balance sheet activity (because that will show us the number of complex monthly reconciliations you'll need, if any)
  3. What services listed above do you want us to do? Do you have payroll processing & state tax filings that you'd like to get off your plate but can handle the A/P? That's cool. Do you need help getting invoices processed & sent out? Done. Want us to do it all? We got you covered!

Every business is different, we respect that. Click on the link below to get a free consultation scheduled, after which we can provide a detailed quote on your customized package!